TestoBeast: reach your true potential

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What's wrong with 'testosterone optimization' in 2024?

I don’t want to waste your time — the next 5 minutes are worth reading if:

  • You're jumping from strategy to strategy with no clear plan to execute
  • You lack clarity on what to eat, how much to eat, which supplements, what to add, what to avoid and feel overwhelmed by the bombardment of generalized info
  • You’re not sure what exactly to do
  • You’re struggling to get elite results despite following different "gurus" online
  • You enjoy optimizing yourself but lack a blueprint for how to stick to the most essential basics
  • You want to become proud of what you've accomplished but haven’t seen much improvement so far
  • You have lots of ideas but they are failing to produce tangible results
  • You understand how powerful diet is and you’re motivated to make sure it's on point
  • You care about your testosterone and have no interest in chasing hacks, trends, or the latest biohacks

If any of these points feel right, you’re in good company.

Over the past 8 years, I’ve worked with many clients voicing the same frustrations.

Like you, they want to maximize their testosterone but have been disappointed with the results.

Especially recently.

Testosterone optimization might feel like a circus; eat these 5 super veggies, 3 of these nuts and 10 of these supplements - none of which really helps.

What's more, for many, progress has stopped and symptoms have never been resolved.

You’ve been told to optimize sleep, avoid EMF, walk more, and ‘just do more.’ But if the answer were this simple, you wouldn’t be reading this now.

Testosterone optimization might seem hard, but those people are just trying to sell you on their gimmick.

What you need is a strategy to slice through the noise.

Uncertainty kills your progress

If you're uncertain about what to do for testosterone optimization, you're already not doing what's right. Overwhelm usually leads to uncertainty, which leads to doing too much of what doesn't matter. Which then leads to zero progress or even backward progress.

Overconfidence kills your progress

On the other side of the spectrum, being overly confident (due to belief) in what you're doing can make you blind to the signals you're body is trying to send you.

Testosterone optimization isn't made based on belief, but implementing what ACTUALLY works. That which has been shown in men who have done blood tests.

What is the TestoLaunch course?

This course is a complete beginner's guide for testosterone optimization. The TestoLaunch course is everything you need in order to be able to live a high androgenic and energetic life.

It will provide you with the exact diet and lifestyle modifications required to launch your testosterone out into space and make it your new normal.

Everything I provide in this course is distilled from a decade's worth of experimentation to find what works not only for me but for my clients as well. It's how I've reached and maintained my T levels over 1,000 ng/dl, and it's how I double, triple, and even quadruple the T levels of my clients.

Everything you need to start and maximize your testosterone naturally.

As I’ve increased my testosterone to 1254ng/dl naturally, gained 30lbs of muscle, and obtained elite-level strength, I’ve been recording everything. What’s worked, and what hasn’t. The TestoLaunch presents a clear framework for maximizing your testosterone easily without having to become a professional chef or get a degree in human biology first.

What's in the course?

  • 9 modules in total covering diet, lifestyle, and supplements

Here's the layout of the contents of this course


First things first:

  • Do this first
  • TestoMeals explained
  • TestoLaunch diet layout explained
  • TestoShake
  • TestoMash
  • TestoSuperfoods
  • Weekly grocery list


Food prepping made easy:

  • Cooking equipment
  • Batching and food prepping


Variety (changing things up):

  • When to change things up
  • Carb guidelines
  • Meat guidelines
  • Fat guidelines
  • Easy food option guidelines
  • Sauces, condiments, and other flavoring guidelines


Troubleshooting food sensitivities:

  • Identifying problematic symptoms
  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Wheat (gluten)
  • Nightshade vegetables


Gaining or losing fat:

  • How many calories to consume
  • Find your perfect macronutrient ratio
  • Eyeballing calories (specific guidelines)
  • Weighing food explained



  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Sunlight
  • What to avoid
  • Daily routine example
  • 6-week testosterone-boosting workout program


Ordering and eating out guides:

  • Travel food guidelines
  • Restaurant menu guidelines



  • Testosterone boosting supplements


Snacks and desserts:

  • Snack options
  • Dessert options


Case studies

  • Case studies of men who doubled their testosterone and what we did to do it.

Who this course is for?

Not everyone is going to be a right fit for The TestoLaunch.

You're a good fit for this course if:

✅ You know that this course is a tool, and you’ll need to use it.

✅ You’re willing to completely change your diet as well as what you might have thought about nutrition.

✅ You know that, like with anything, “showing up every day” and patience are required to see serious results.

✅ You know that if success was just a one-size-fits-all simple formula, then everyone would be successful.

✅ You take action and don’t allow yourself to make excuses that keep you from moving forward.

✅ You’re willing to reach out and get the help you need when you get stuck.

You're not a good fit for this course if:

❌ You equate success with just buying a course.

❌ You’re not willing to do the unsexy work that’s required to maximize your testosterone.

❌ You’re expecting me to just tell you exactly what to do every minute of every day.

❌ “What supplements should I use?” takes precedence over “Let me follow this diet for 6 months and observe the improvements”

❌ You’re expecting TestoBeast to be a manual with all of the theories on how to maximize your testosterone.


Hi – I’m Hans Amato. I help men maximize their testosterone and become the version of themselves they are proud of.

Being an Alpha Energy Male is about being proud of yourself. What we look like, how we feel and what we are capable of. If any of those factors fail, confidence drops.

We approach self-optimization in a way that prioritizes diet and lifestyle, rather than trying all the latest biohacks and supplements.

The Alpha Energy Male doesn’t ask: “What's the latest trending biohack that I should try?” They ask: “what kind of life do I want to lead?”, and then eat a diet that supports that life.

It's about keeping things simple. Doing the least for the most impact so that we don't have to obsess over what we do, but rather enjoy the life we now have energy for.

Why I'm not offering refunds on The TestoLaunch

I'm assuming that if you're considering buying The TestoLaunch, then you likely have been following me on my website, YouTube or Twitter. I don't run ads, so the chances that you've stumbled upon this product through some Facebook or Google advertisement is zero.

I've spent the last 8 years building a reputation online as someone who delivers the highest quality products. I have >5000 students, a less than 0.1% refund rate.

This course is my best course. It's 10 modules of instructional content. It's the thing I wish existed when I started back in 2016.

This course is not for people who are on the fence. It's not for "tire kickers" or folks who are just "poking around". It's not for people who "don't have time" or may have buyer's remorse.

It's for people who are familiar with my work, understand how important quality is to me, and want to put in the work necessary to see the results.

If that's not you, please don't buy the course. If you're just "curious" and want to watch a few lessons and quit, please don't buy the course. If you cannot afford it, please do not buy it. If you don't think you'll have time for it, please do not buy it.

If you're committed to the process and want to learn everything that I've learned over the last 8 years, there's zero chance you'll be disappointed.

Thank you for understanding.

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TestoBeast: reach your true potential

17 ratings
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